Thursday, May 26, 2011

And now, I take a strong stance against the idea that cats, or any photographers, are great artists. (Star Wars References)

How far gone is Western Civilization, in terms of the inability to refer to anything other than Star Wars? So far gone that even our fuzzy decorations can't help but focus on a galaxy far, far away, too.

Evidence that even animals, or sentient throw pillows, are affected by the Star Wars Reference gene exists in the form of Cooper The Photographing Cat, a Seattle cat that was equipped with a digital camera on its collar and has 58,000 "Likes" on Facebook -- a stat that simultaneously proves the stupidity of Facebook, claiming photography is art, and people.

But this isn't about that. This is about this:

During the past three years of his fur-tuitous career, Cooper has churned out a veritable cat-alogue raisonné of photos taken on weekly jaunts around the neighborhood, during which he pussyfoots through brambles, along fence-tops, and under cars armed with a camera collar that snaps shots every two minutes. Indeed, the super-pet and his “human affiliates,” Michael and Deirdre Cross — who lucked out in adopting a certain talented stray in 2005 — are now basically just lapping up the phenomenal success of the cat artist. For Cooper’s no untalented tabby — he’s a regular Henri Catier Bresson, Eadweard Meowbridge, or Catget, you might say.

I don't get the references, but I do appreciate the puns. But you're waiting for the Star Wars Reference, right? Wait no further. Or longer, I should say, I guess. Wait no further/longer/weirder:
As revealed in the “Best of the CAT CAM” album on Facebook, Cooper’s photos are vernacular visions of the feline artist’s environs, captured in saturated, sunny colors ...One work, titled “Risqué,” takes a saucy look up a lady’s skirt, while others present ominous close-ups of Cooper’s (human) baby brother, Cameron... Still other photos capture tulips, the corner of a “Star Wars” poster, tall grasses, a lily-white statue of the Madonna...

The only good thing about this is that the constant presence of Star Wars references in everything our modern society can do/see/feel/eat/argue about makes me not so sad about the impending collapse of our modern society heralded by the fact that Cooper made news around the world.

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Rogue Mutt said...

Crazy cat people are so annoying. This sounds like the kind of thing anyone could do.