Sunday, February 06, 2011

Update: Can you handle more Star Wars references?

While The Boy argues with me that the octopus evolved on the Death Star -- evolution working superquick in that galaxy, apparently -- the rest of you continue doing what society does best these days: referencing Star Wars in every single thing you do.

Like, for example, what if Star Wars' universe was made up of nothing but Batmen? I bet you'd never thought of that, but someone did:

(From The Chive.) That's the nerd equivalent of horizontal gene transfer, right there.

And, for some reason, there was a yellow stormtrooper helping shred cheeseheads at a Pittsburgh Steeler rally:

I'm pretty sure we're on the verge of people getting degrees in Star Wars and/or this thing turning into a formal religion. Unless that's already happened -- does anyone know whether the higher levels of Scientology mention midichlorians?


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