Friday, February 25, 2011

The Force Is With Them, But That Doesn't Count For Much In Legislation (Star Wars References)

Accomplished author and thinker Rogue Mutt the other day made a point the other day about why it is that Star Wars influences so many people -- he says influences, I say dominates our culture in way that is fast becoming inescapable... like a tractor beam latching onto us just as we emerge from hyperspace where Alderaan is supposed to be...

As shown by signs held up at the Wisconsin Anti-Governor Patsy protests for the last few days:

NOTE: I'm pretty sure this isn't Darth Vader Kid from the Super Bowl:

But just to prove that you don't need to always reference Star Wars, here's a sign that only about two people in the entire U.S. will get...

Until you listen to this:

That is an awesome song. And that begs the question, is there a Eurotrip/Star Wars mashup?

Need you ask?

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1 comment:

Rogue Mutt said...

I think to so many of us Star Wars is pretty much mythological in nature. Has anyone started a church for it yet? That seems like the next logical step.