Friday, February 18, 2011

People with diabetes do NOT appreciate Star Wars. (Star Wars References.)

I always thought that you either liked Star Wars, or Star Trek, but that you couldn't like both -- you know, the way you either cared about people and wanted to use your intelligence and empathy to help them, or you had to join the Republican party.

But according to a new video from, you can dress up as both Anakin Skywalker and Spock at the same time:

That's's attempt to become at least as relevant as Tracy Morgan by mixing Star Wars into the conversation, and I find it disturbing that in the video, Anakin wants to frak Leia, who's his daughter. Yes, I know it's only cosplay, but isn't that freaky enough without making it a family affair?

Also, for a video that has frak in the title, it was conspicuously short on Battlestar Galactica references; you can include that guy that I think is the Human Bomb but can't fit in even one old school Cylon? You've even got Thor, for Pete's sake.

In any event, the video proves my point about mentioning Star Wars and getting attention: The video was posted yesterday and already has 126,000 views. But at least one of them was not impressed:

What kind of person is searching for information about diabetes... on Youtube? Does Keyboard Cat have a medical degree?

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Andrew Leon said...

Look! You have a picture of Leia playing Magic!