Saturday, January 29, 2011

UPDATES: I was right, and then I was even righter. Of course.

A long time ago, I did an in-depth investigative piece in which I determined who was The Best Worst Villain Ever, doing so through a series of posts (5, total) that narrowed down villains until only one was left standing. In doing so, I commented (in part five, in which I reviewed the goals of villains) on how some goals are not actually ones that should be pursued, saying this:

That's Mangog, and his goal, as the living embodiment of the hatred contained in a billion billion people, was to draw the sword of Odin from its scabbard -- which would have resulted in the end of the universe.

The whole universe. All of it. Even platypusses. Platypi. Whatever.

Do you see a problem with that goal? Because I sure do: what's going to happen to Mangog? Isn't he going to die, too? If the whole universe goes?
Of course he is.

As noted philosopher Louis C.K. said, "Things that are not can't be, because
then nothing wouldn't be. You can't have ... nothing isn't and everything is."

(The whole post is here.)(And if you go read it you'll both be entertained AND understand that platypi reference.)

I bring that up because last week's Wonderella echoed that philosophy:

And if the best superhero comic around agrees with me, then you know I was right.

, on to me being right-er than that. Not very long ago I pointed out that every single reference people made in our culture -- and our culture consists solely of referencing things now, as this post proves -- was a reference to Star Wars.

Not long after posting that seemingly-random thought, I was alerted to the existence of this:

That was the cover of a New York Post special section on the Jets-Patriots* playoff game two weeks ago. Star Wars was released in 1977. I don't know how many movies are released in the US each year, so I'll just guess and say a lot. Using some math, that's a lot x 33 years, which gives you a rough estimate of how many movies there were for the New York Post to choose from for its parody. But they went with Star Wars, because when it comes to being right, nobody is right-er than me.

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