Saturday, January 22, 2011

Star Wars References: Table Of Contents

Page down for a list of all the posts here on TBOE that make a reference to Star Wars, as well as everything in the real world that does, too. And don't forget to look at "Darthmatic Chipmunk."

Because that exists:

"Looking like a badass bounty hunter is pretty cool."

Stephen Colbert gives a THREEFER of a reference.

The single most obscure Star Wars Reference EVER.

The "Dark Vador" Burger and its giant balloon counterpart.

Herman Cain is SOOOOO Not a Jedi!

I'm going to build a Han out of SOLO Cups.

How else are you going to sell a movie?

Jon Stewart knows that Western Civilization stands on Star Wars ground.

This would be the God Particle Of The Star Wars Universe

This post is totally Lando.

Why do Padres' pitchers wear a Yoda backpack?

What did Lando Calrissian smell like?

Of Anthony Weiner's "light saber."

Neither cats nor photographers are 'artists', but they still have to make references to Star Wars.

Stieg Larsson probably put a Star Wars reference into his books, only I'm too bored to read them.

"I swear on my future children..." Guess what names come next?

You'll have to take my word for it on this one, because photographs don't come with sound.

Star Wars Day(s): Because we needed a holiday that didn't celebrate "presidents" or other "people who accomplished things."

At least he was wearing a good v-neck. Still, Tosh could use to expand his movie reference horizons.

Han Solo took a shortcut? (And update on that.)

Nothing good can come of this: A parody of a parody?

Maybe Lady GaGa is planning on turning herself into a Tusken Raider?

Star Wars Uncut: This was the ONLY movie you could have done this with?

Stephen Colbert's almost-subliminal choice of a running mate?

Friends don't let friends make "Star Wars" references. The more you know...

Jungian Slip: The New Yorker appeals to us commoners with a Star Wars reference.

That WAS the droid you were looking for: A double-dose of referencin'.

30 Rock would really like your attention, please.

Star Wars Playground.

Toaster doesn't require Force powers to operate.

Of all the scores that have won an Oscar, guess which one led the medley?

The Force is with them, but that doesn't count for much in legislation.'s Tonight I'm Frakkin' You.

XKCD finds XKCD's lack of originality disturbing?

Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial: The Force.

Batman X Star Wars; Steelers' fans.

The Best Stupid Questions About Star Wars (and the Internet Sites They Lead To)

Justified: Season 2 Trailer.

The Four Best Cultural References You Should Slip Into Conversation Today (Instead of Star Wars)

WHODATHUNKIT!? The 2010 Year In Bests: Celebrities.

The future has arrived, and it has a stupid name (The Best Underrated Instruments, 7)

The Best Song That Are Catchy and Impossible To Get Out Of Your Head.

The Best Worst Villain, Ever.

The Six Best Superheroes (Reader Nomination!)

The Ten Best Movie Villains, According To The Boy (And Some Man Walks Into A Bar Jokes!)

The Best Star Wars Movie.

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