Saturday, January 29, 2011

UPDATE: The controversy over The Best Olsen Twin Rages On.

Almost four years ago, I posted The Best Olsen Twin, in which I discussed why (a) Ashley is The Best Olsen Twin, and (b) why I can prove scientifically that they are identical twins. That post was removed -- it'll appear in my upcoming book Up Was Macaroni -- but it remains controversial, as noted by this comment left this week:

Honestly, I think that MK is an amazing actress and she is beautiful. I think they are both amazing girls and she shouldn't get judged for her "style" or her role in movies. These two amazing beautiful lady's have accomplished a lot in their life and I think they are both just as amazing and talented as the other. They are different so what that doesn't mean that you have to the right to judge them and say the other is better.
I get upset because you don't know either of them personally, you only know what the media tells you or what you see in a magazine half of that isn't even true. So, never judge someone you don't know. You really have no right too.

I did respond to one commenter on the post, here.

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