Sunday, November 07, 2010

You don't want to take on Big Balloon. Their lawyers are INSANE. (The 13 Best World Records (You Wouldn't Think Would Be A World Record), 5 and 6!)

I like the funky music in the background. It's like a 70s action TV show theme.

With that music, it's easy to imagine Andrew Dahl: Nose Balloon Cop on the air just before Fantasy Island.

This record's actually a two-fer: That's Most Balloons Blown Up By Nose In 3 Minutes, by Andrew Dahl also holds a related world record for Most Balloons Blown up By Nose In One Hour. He blew up 213 of them, in 3 minutes.

While we should all celebrate Andrew's achievements -- these days, you'd expect that kids who want to blow up balloons would simply plug in their xBox 360 and go to "Virtual Balloons," I feel compelled to point out that Balloon HQ recommends blowing up balloons by mouth:

Have you ever seen a mouth inflater at work? It adds an incredible amount of excitement to an event, even if he/she is far away. It is kind of like action and color in motion.

So expect that Balloon HQ -- like the rest of Big Balloon-- is going to come after Andrew with full force.

Other records:

1. Largest Sushi Mosaic.

2. Fastest Time To Eat a 12" Pizza.

3.World's Largest T-Shirt.

4. Most Entries In A Two-Horse Pantomime Race

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