Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update on The Best Holiday That Eventually We Won't Really Celebrate At All.

Longtime readers know that for a while now I've been perched, vulture-like, over the shoulder of Thanksgiving, a holiday that I love but which nevertheless I recognize will eventually not be celebrated in any meaningful way.

Not that I'm blaming just you; this year, I've already told Sweetie that she and Mr Bunches and The Boy can go see a movie on Thanksgiving Day while Mr F and I cook the dinner -- Mr F is not really one to actually sit long enough to see a movie -- so I'm helping abandon the only truly American holiday we have -- one that celebrates nothing more than eating and watching TV.

But you -- society-- still take a little bit of blame, because while I'm staying home, you're all forcing Sears to break a 124-year-old tradition of not being open on Thanksgiving.

That's right: Sears is caving in to your demands for "door-buster" sales that finish up before you've even basted the turkey. (Note to those who eat at my house on Thanksgiving: I don't know how to baste a turkey.) From Chicago comes the report:
Sears is doing something it's never done in its 124 year history. Stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day. All Sears stores will stay open for a half day from 7 a.m. until noon. The Hoffman Estates-based company hopes to cash in on shoppers looking for early bird savings. The company said the decision follows numerous customer requests.

(Source.) You might think that's just another day in which Sears employees will spend most of their time telling people in the store how to get to the store they actually wanted to shop at, but to me, it's another nail in the coffin of Thanksgiving.


The Best Holiday That Eventually We Won't Really Celebrate At All.

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