Monday, November 08, 2010

Everybody have fun tonight... (The 13 Best World Records (You Wouldn't Think Would Be A World Record), 7)

I'm gonna be honest with you.

I thought this was "Largest Wang Chung Display" when I first read it.

It's not. It's 3,164 people doing that Largest Wing Chun Display. "Wing Chun" is apparently yet another oriental martial art combat type. How many are there? Just off the top of my head there's karate and judo and tai chi and tae bo and jazzercize and... well, probably lots of others. Why can't they be more like Western society and just stick with the two types of combat we have-- streetfighting, and "Hobo Crotch Kicking?"

On a related note, I'm now thinking I'd like to set a record for Largest Wang Chung Display. Anyone care to join me?

Other records:

1. Largest Sushi Mosaic.

2. Fastest Time To Eat a 12" Pizza.

3.World's Largest T-Shirt.

4. Most Entries In A Two-Horse Pantomime Race

5 & 6. Most Balloons Blown Up By Nose (in 3 minutes, and in 1 hour).

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