Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is the only jingle you'll ever hear that will have you playing air guitar...(The Best Ad Jingles, 6)

It's a Minibest!

I really wish there were more of this jingle than just this tiny bit. I wish the Stones would get back together, exhume Keith Richards, and make this a full-length song. I give you:

"Rice Krispies," by The Rolling Stones:

I heard about this via Seth Stevenson's column on Slate. Seth has a lot of smart things to say about ads -- but he's also wrong in that column. There is no such thing as selling out (as I've said before)-- the concept is a hackneyed one applied only to "artists," who we feel should be above such things as making money, and paying rent and eating and surviving.

Seth: Artists sell out every time they make you pay to buy a record. True, you can have too much money -- anyone who earns more than $200,000 a year has too much money and is hoarding resources and hurting humanity through his/her actions, including the Black-Eyed Peas -- but you cannot sell out, even if you are an artist who makes art. We all do what we do to earn a living. Some of us write for Slate, some of us (me) sue people, some of us dance around in Target ads, and some of us write very cool Rice Krispie jingles.

Heck, I wish there were more awesome jingles like this, and that the bands would make money doing those and then let me download their albums for free.

So, Seth and others -- don't get mad that your favorite rock band made an ad. Get mad that they made an ad and then still charged you full price for the CD.

I'm thinking about ad jingles because I am engaged in trying to change the very nature of publishing -- by selling ad space in my upcoming book. Click here to read more about that.

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