Thursday, June 04, 2009

Everyone would be in love with me! (The Best Ad Jingles, 1)

It's a MiniBest!

I like ads. Good ads, anyway. And by good ads, I mean (a) ads that help me get paid for writing a book I'm writing anyway, but with enough ads, you might get it free, and (b) ads that actually were entertaining enough that I didn't mind that I was being sold something.

So to help everyone -- that's you -- realize that ads aren't that bad a thing, if they're done right, and to help continue to promote my revolutionary new idea that could result in free stuff for you, this month The Best of Everything will be very ad-centric, including the MiniBests for this month, which will highlight The Best Ad Jingles, like today's entry, The Bologna Oscar Mayer Song, which is one of the few times that a kid didn't come across as creepy in a commercial, and which also featured a song that would let you slip your own kid's name into it if you wanted. Here it is for you to hum all day long:

How awesome is that? So awesome that it's awesomeosity is only exceeded by THIS:

So, now, I dare you to not insert your own name, or someone's name, the next time you're making a bologna sandwich for lunch. Or dinner. Or breakfast. Or snack time. Whenever you make your next bologna sandwich. Maybe at a board meeting. I bet even the Pope does that when he's making a bologna sandwich.

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Husbands Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff. In the top ten of all luncheon meat songs. Spam? Na, Bologna. (I think we call it polony' here in SA).

Demeter said...

I love this ... very cool choice of subjects! Far away from standard lists and with a very amusing humorous touch to it!