Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don't you just get the feeling that Jimmy Fallon would make up little skits about the bacon? (The Best Ad Jingles, 5)

It's a MiniBest!

Today's jingle isn't, technically, maybe, a jingle. Or it is. I don't know. I've never gone and looked up what is or is not a jingle and my stance on what is or is not a pizza would suggest that it's a jingle if I say it's a jingle, so I'm gonna go ahead and say today's jingle is, after all, a jingle.

But it's got no words.

And yet, it's hypnotic, the way a good ad jingle should be. Jingles are used, after all, to make you remember things and associate those memories, and the feelings, with the product the ad makers want you to buy, so it's absolutely essential, for a jingle, that it stick in your head like somebody velcroed it there.

(Like yesterday's, which I hummed a bit of to Sweetie in the afternoon, and then heard her singing three hours later as she got Mr Bunches out of the car... and that wasn't even for a real product!)

So today's Jingle, Jingle Number 5, has that hypnotic quality even though it doesn't have words, and even though it has two people in the commercial -- Jimmy Fallon and Parker Posey -- who I really don't... like. It's not that I dislike them. I don't. But I don't like them, either. I feel this way about them: If I were to attend a large brunch on a Sunday morning, and ended up sitting next to Jimmy Fallon and/or Parker Posey, I wouldn't necessarily leave but I would think to myself, "aw, crap," and it would definitely make me not go back for seconds.

Despite that handicap, though, the song really is quite amazing: Catchy, and itmakes you want to get up and move and maybe even order a Pepsi, especially 'cause that might get you a little further away from Jimmy Fallon:

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1 comment: said...

was this jingle the final piece that landed Jimmy his late night TV show. Its either that or his innate ability to screw up and laugh in every SNL skit he was in. yes - i am bitter about his LOL in the More the Cow bell skit but i guess that may of been impossible.