Monday, May 18, 2009

I Stand Corrected: The Best Reader Comment Pointing Out How I Was Wrong:

Although in general I am right about everything and anything I think (as are you, my readers -- remember, the TBOE slogan is Our Opinions Are Righter Than Yours) occasionally an error slips through here and there. I blame the lack of coffee.

That error might be as simple as a reader thinking that the Olsen Twins aren't identical, or it might be something far more serious, like getting the biography of supervillain Chillblaine wrong.

It seems I've done just that -- gotten Chillblaine's history wrong, and reader Lia Brown (who writes a very entertaining blog that you can find here) has called me on it. She writes, as a comment to my post on Supervillains who just kept coming...

Dear sir, I apologize in advance for the nerdery. However, I must make a few corrections on your Top entry (for I am the world's biggest Top nerd...yes, such a thing exists). Firstly, Captain Cold never became Chillblaine, and thank god for that, because they were all having sex with his sister. They were a bunch of mostly-anonymous himbo thugs. Secondly, the "damned souls" the Top encountered at the end of the presidential storyline were actually soulless Rogues fresh from Hell -- Captains Cold and Boomerang, Mirror Master, etc. They didn't take him back to Hell, they just did something traumatic to him and left him an incoherent mess. He was actually taken to prison. Thirdly, your post is awesome and I enjoyed it very much. Especially the energy drink ad!

So, if you're keeping track, more or less every single thing I said about The Top turns out to be incorrect. In my defense, I will say this: (a) too little coffee, and (b) to quote my favorite philosopher:

"Facts are meaningless. You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true."
-- Homer Simpson.

In honor of Lia's corrections, though, and because she called me "sir" and said the magic words (Your post is awesome), and because I've decided it's important to keep the World's Biggest Top Nerd on my side, I am going to give her a free book of her choice from my ever-growing collection.

Keep those comments coming! I've got two reader nominations coming up this week, too. You can leave comments here or email me at "thetroublewithroy[at]"

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Husbands Anonymous said...

We live in a revisionist time, where wikipedia is the source, and plagiarism the goal.
I think you should make more stuff up, I love your little lies. Very well done on the coming clean accountability thing, You should run for office.
Your post was awful! Oh. Some, it was awesome!