Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Best Stupid Questions (And The Internet Sites They Lead To.)

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Husbands Anonymous said...

I have to type fast, because I just made an enemy of Miley Cyrus by blocking her on Twitter, but I think you have a point about Ashley Olsen. Her name is muche easier to say. Was she the thin one? But I think getting her to stride widdershins around a church while ordering coffee would be very entertaining. The point is, Mr Best of Everything, that we aren't looking for answers, just more questions.
And why is it, that obscene combinations of completely innocent words, say 'rabbit' and scary hole' lead to blogs? I should add a word just to make your page more googlable:
There. Watch your hit counter tick over now...

lisapepin said...

"Who would win in a fight between a one-armed Elroy Jetson and a wild pack of carnivorous but sentient Chuck Taylor tennis shoes, the high-topped canvas kind?" Okay, now you're just being ridiculous. The Chucks would win. No question about it. Sheesh.

lisapepin said...

Also, I don't know whether having a goatee would help or hurt your chances of success at world domination, but having one would mean that when your plan was going well, you could stroke your tiny beard and chuckle softly in a menacing fashion, which would make you feel cool in a James Bond supervillan kind of way. You wouldn't get the same effect with a bare chin, there.