Saturday, September 14, 2013

I prefer to call it "FootballNarok," but then I've always had a thing for Norse Gods. (Nassau Ungranulated.)

A brief update on the ALL BLOGGER ALL WRITER fantasy football league that is NASSAU UNGRANULATED!

Author Rusty Carl -- who wrote the brilliant book "A Dead God's Wrath" (among other works), posted about it on his blog The Blutonian Death Egg this week, in a post titled "Footballocalypse!!"  Excellent use of exclamation points, Rusty -- you don't want to overdo it.

I'm sure you already read Rusty's blog and own all his books, but on the offchance that you have been under a rock for several decades and do not/have not own/done those things:

Click here to go to his blog,

Click here to go to his Amazon author's page where you can buy each of his books for just $0.99!

Or just look at this for a while:


But seriously, check out Rusty's stuff. He's awesome. 


ROOM WITH BOOKS: This team, run by Patricia at Room With Books, is 1-0, and scored 117+ points in the season opener last week.  has Eli Manning at Quarterback, and Arian Foster at running back.  

Eli Manning football fans will recognize from his time on the Tumblr "Eli Manning Looking At Things."   Arian Foster's    just this guy, you know?

ROOM WITH BOOKS the blog gives you "all things books," and boy, does Patricia deliver.  If you like books, write books, read books, use books to balance out your bed until you get around to fixing that loose board (um... guilty...), then check out Patricia's blog by clicking here

Bonus points if you can tell me who I'm sort of quoting about Arian Foster.


Rusty Webb said...

What happened with my waiver request for Julius Thomas? And another thing - I'm gonna need some more points, so... There's that.

Here's what would be fair. I get to pick all the people I want first, THEN other teams draft. Now that would be some fantasy football.

Seriously, thanks for the mention.

Blogger said...

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