Monday, September 16, 2013

"I always knew I was going to Hell..."


TODAY, I am on Andrew Leon's blog Strange Pegs, with PART TWO of the terrifying short story "This Is How I..." being written LIVE based on READER SUGGESTIONS.

Andrew is the brilliant author of great horror/spec fic stories like "The House On The Corner" and the brand new serial horror story "Shadow Spinner." Kids who can control shadows? CHECK. Man with no eyes? CHECK. Otherworldly father who must judge his son for leaving Eden? CHECK, I THINK.  Shadow Spinner is available in complete, hard-copy book form, or you can get it electronically in chapter-and-section format.

CLICK HERE to to go Andrew's blog,

CLICK HERE to go to Andrew's Amazon author page.

But first, the girl of your dreams becomes the ghoul of your nightmares, as Anne learns, just before she dies of a way she can avoid going to Hell.  It's a gruesome life she leads for centuries after that, but it beats dying... just barely.

A contemporary horror classic, "Temporary Anne" presents the terrifying tale of a woman who avoids eternal damnation by sending others to take her place, scrambling to avoid the minions of Mephistopheles while searching for a way to allow her ravaged body to serve her indomitable will. The frightening images -- demons made of ice, babies' souls consumed -- will stick with you for as long as Temporary Anne exists -- which is FOREVER.

Get it on Amazon for $0.99!  

And follow the blog tour to get a live short story, This Is How I..., written based on your suggestions:

1. PART ONE was on Life Is Good on Friday 9/13
2. PART TWO is posted today on Strange Pegs: 9/16


Andrew Leon said...

More WooHoo!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Brave endeavor! But unique. That's what the people want. That and Pop Tarts. Or felt dinosaurs. Not sure which.
And why aren't the Cassa books movies? Beats me. Just as long as the SyFy Channel doesn't get a hold of them. Or Uwe Boll. Dear Lord that man cannot direct to save his life...

Blogger said...

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