Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This post is about Lana Parilla. (The 8 Hottest Moms (Currently) On TV Shows. (MiniBest!))

Does being a stepmother count as being a mom?  Because I really want to include her:

On this list.

That is "Queen Regina," or the Evil Queen or whoever, on the show, "Once Upon A Time."

I don't watch Once Upon A Time, but I think I might have to start because it sounds awesome, and I've only read about three paragraphs about the show itself.

I went looking this morning not for Queen Regina but for that one girl who played Claire on Lost,

because she was going to hold spot number 4 on this list.  Not for her role as Claire, because this list includes only those people who are currently playing moms on TV, and Lost isn't on TV, as people (like me) who are up on pop culture know.

(People, like me, who are up on pop culture are completely unfazed by the inability of people, like me, to remember the real names of people, like Claire on Lost.)

Anyway, I always thought Claire on Lost was hot, but I didn't start this list until well after Lost was off the air, and so I couldn't put Claire on here because I haven't actually invented time travel, but then I heard that Claire is in Once Upon A Time so I went to look at a website for that show but before I could find Claire I saw Regina, who, remember, is who this post is about:


Not her:


Who doesn't love a strong, confident woman?

Having gotten distracted by the existence of the Evil Queen (everyone loves a bad girl) I read about her to see if she was a mom, getting all the backstory, which is a couple of paragraphs long, but which boils down to this: everyone falls in love with the Evil Queen, even the Genie, and she ends up killing them all because once Snow White got tricked into revealing something about a secret marriage.

Oh, and Snow White is her stepdaughter, so technically she's a mom, right?

Here's the thing: While reading about that I saw that Jiminy Cricket is a character, and the Genie is a character, and there are probably other characters but like I said I read only the first three paragraphs of the introduction to one character so I am a little bit "in the dark" as people say about the details, but honestly I can't believe how this story has escaped my notice -- especially given how tuned in to pop culture I am, what with knowing some people's names and having seen a movie recently and all -- up to now.

The Evil Queen is played by Lana Parilla, who as it turns out also was in Lost, in the episode titled "Through The Looking Glass."  She played [SPOILER ALERT! BUT LOST ENDED LIKE A DECADE AGO OR SOMETHING SO REALLY THIS IS NO MORE SPOILER-Y THAN SAYING THAT BRUCE WILLIS WAS DEAD THE WHOLE TIME] Greta, who while she was dying from getting shot by Mikhail revealed that the password to "the Looking Glass" station was the tune to "Good Vibrations."

I don't remember her at all.  But I do remember that episode because as it turns out, that set up was spoiled for me.  I was behind on watching episodes of Lost, while Sweetie and Middle Daughter were ahead of me.  We were talking about the show and how I had to catch up, and I said that Charlie was one of my favorite characters, which (A) was because he was and (B) was because I couldn't say she

was one of my favorite characters because Sweetie gets jealous.

Anyway, then Sweetie and Middle looked at each other and Middle said "Um..." and then they just told me that Charlie was going to die.


So when I was watching the episode where Charlie is underwater turning things off, I suddenly realized this is where he dies, which is what it must feel like, in an extremely minor way, to be Paul Atreides, and that is the story of how Lost was kind of spoiled for me early on, but I (bravely) persevered to watch the entire series and one of the crowning achievements of my life is that I was able to watch the finale nearly a year after it aired without having had it spoiled, a herculean effort that involved avoiding references to the show for twelve whole months.

The moral of the story is that I now plan on watching Once Upon A Time, and so do not tell me what happens.  Also, the Evil Queen again:

Because this post is about her.

Previously, On The Eight Hottest Moms (Currently) On TV Shows:

1. Allana Harkin

2. Sophia Vergara

3.  January Jones.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Wait I'm confused about who's who. I think you need to post some more pictures.

Andrew Leon said...

I am so not a super rich dude. If super rich people write books, they get big time publishers and all of that, because they just wave some money around. You know, at that point having a book being all about prestige and not making a living or anything related to that.

I may have to check out that show.

I still haven't seen Lost.

Liz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liz said...

Stepmothers count, but...

In the current timeline of the show (it flips from fairy tale land to present day Maine), Regina adopted Henry. Henry is Emma's biological son, and the whole series starts when Henry goes to find Emma.

(Not spoiling it for you. This is all info from the pilot.)

Regina is Henry's mother. Therefore, she counts.

You're welcome.

Briane P said...

Thanks, Liz!

Andrew, you are rich in spirit. (That's what we have to say about people like us, who are not rich in money.)

PT: If I post more pictures, Sweetie may catch on to what I'm doing. She never reads this blog.

Andrew Leon said...

Ah, that's how that works! Well, at least I'm rich in something :)

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

The evil queen in Once Upon A Time makes the show. It really would be nothing without her. But for me, I prefer the beautiful and very hot actor that plays Prince Charming. He heats me up like no other.

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