Wednesday, September 05, 2012

And, if you can spare an extra ticket, how 'bout taking ME? I'll pitch in for nachos.

You hear a lot of people saying these days "Why bother going to the game in person when I can watch it at home in comfort?"

But what those people REALLY mean is "I can't afford to get good tickets, so I'm just gonna make the best of it and pretend I don't care."

Going to the game in person can be great: you've got the band, the cheerleaders, the camaraderie of the crowd.  The hits are harder, the uniforms brighter, the sounds soundier -- all you need is a ticket.  And with, you can get one. has got your arizona state sun devils mens basketball tickets, among others; you can be courtside, watching the plays with the same vantage the coach and bench players have.  Or, if you don't want those, how about getting a few arizona wildcats mens basketball tickets or some california golden bears mens basketball tickets? They've got those, too.

Whatever your game, wherever your location, try seeing it in person.

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