Sunday, August 12, 2012

And now I'm typing this headline, and then going to play "Hot Wheels" (Sundays With The Classics)

I'll be honest. Today I was supposed to read Ulysses and I didn't really feel like it.  Here is a list of all the things I did in order:

1.  Blogged.

2.  Blogged some more

3.  Ate breakfast.

4. Read the Sunday comics.

5.  Read a Grantland article about which Olympic athletes might be attainable.

6.  Charged my iPod and deleted some songs off of it that Oldest Daughter had on there.

7.  Went jogging.

8.  Blogged some more.

9.  Read 2 1/2 paragraphs of Ulysses, trying to remember where I left off two weeks ago. 

10.  Played Plants vs. Zombies.

11.  Played Plants vs. Zombies some more.

12.  Took Mr F and Mr Bunches to see Brave with Sweetie and The Boy.

13.  Left the theater showing Brave just after the previews ended, because Mr F got bored and Mr Bunches got scared.

14.  Played a game of pinball in the movie theater game room with Mr Bunches.

15.  Played two more games of pinball in the theater with Mr Bunches.

16.  Played a racing game with Mr F.

17.  Played a game that lets you pick up candy with a crane with Mr Bunches.

18.  Tried a Jujube from that game.

19.  Spit out the Jujube.

20.  Took Mr F and Mr Bunches back into the theater where Brave was showing.

21.  Watched 2 minutes of Brave until they got to the part where everyone started fighting and Mr Bunches got scared again.

22.  Went to Toys "R" Us instead while Sweetie and The Boy finished watching Brave.

23.  Went home.

24.  Assembled the amazingly expensive Hot Wheels racer set that Mr Bunches talked me into after we couldn't find the Creepy Crawlies toy he was looking for.

25.  Ate some pizza with Sweetie.

26.  Cleaned the boys' room.

27.  Sat down to read some more of Ulysses.

28.  Typed this instead.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

So would you recommend "Brave" from the two minutes you saw?

Lara Schiffbauer said...

You know, your day actually sounds kind of nice. Hot wheels are fun.
We have criss-cross-crash or whatever it's called. I make the boys play it with me.

Andrew Leon said...

I remember those days...>sigh<
Sorry for you :(

Briane P said...

Lara had it right: The day was awesome, although I was exhausted by 8 o'clock.

And PT? Yes: Those two minutes were great.