Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Extras: That Girl Who Heckled Louis CK.

Although I guess she's not really an extra anymore, or maybe she is?   I went looking for "that girl from that episode of Louie who heckles Louie in that one scene" and found

Megan Hilty,

who is, indeed, that girl from etc etc and who apparently is on Smash.

Has anyone watched Smash? 

I bet more people have seen her as the voice of Aunt Tiana in "Phineas & Ferb" in 2010 ("Just Passing Through/Candace's Big Day") than have seen her in Smash, which I don't think anyone watches.

I don't watch, it, anyway, and that's how I count things.

I also noted that Megan Hilty is going to be the voice of China Princess in "Dorothy of Oz," an upcoming animated film.  Megan Hilty does a lot of voice-over work, which just proves that Hollywood is stupid:


But really this is all just a way for me to point out that Dorothy of Oz is the second upcoming Oz feature in the next year or two, which just goes to show how influential I am, as 2 1/2 years ago I wrote about The Best Sequels That Haven't Been Made Yet, and number three on the list was an Oz sequel:

Oz! the movie picks up just after Dorothy left -- leaving the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man with the task of deciding what to do now that the Wizard is gone. They try to set up a democracy, electing representatives of each of the areas of Oz, but their efforts are halted when Ozma, the claimed heir to the throne, demands that all democratic efforts be stopped and that people accept her rule. Ozma's background is cloudy, though, and it's soon revealed that Ozma was actually born a girl, but then was transformed into a boy and raised as such, only to be transformed back later on. [Note: This actually happened in the books.] Now, with her fearsome associate, Jack Pumpkinhead, Ozma is determined to take over Oz on behalf of her true leaders - the fairies, as it turns out Ozma is one of those, too. [Note: That's actually in the books, also.] Eventually, Dorothy must return to Oz and use an enchanted belt to help free Ozma from the various people demanding her allegiance so that Ozma can choose her own path. [Note: That kind of happened in the books, too!]

The plot of "Dorothy of Oz?":

Back in Kansas, Dorothy Gale decides to return to Oz in order to help her friends. 

 So more or less exactly the same thing.

(Also in that post: I suggested Apocalypse Then!, a movie that would feature actual US Special Forces.  In 2012, Hollywood released this.)

Genius.  Me.  Those two things are the same thing.

Here's  Megan Hilty for you again:


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Hmmm, yes, I always imagined people who do voiceover work to be fat ugly people, sort of like radio DJs.

Andrew Leon said...

I've never heard of Smash.

I have a copy of WoO laying around somewhere, because I've never read it. I need to get to that some time. That would count as a classic, right?

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

She is very curvy. Nice to see that fatter women are making a comeback.

Liz said...

I watch Smash. But I'm a girl. And I love musicals. I watch musicals all the time for fun, so why wouldn't I enjoy a musical TV show?