Monday, July 30, 2012

We need more cool interpretations of classical music, and less of brides trying to be "funky."

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I can play, or could play, Pachabel's Canon In D on piano, by the time I was about 12 or so.  I never knew it was a big deal song for weddings or anything like that; I just knew it was superhard to play but a very nice song.  Playing it gave me a sense of accomplishment, because it was so long and had such tough chords.  It's one thing to play a song like Music Box Dancer (which I can still do, by heart) but another entirely to play Pachabel's Canon.

So I've always liked that song, and never thought it could be improved on until I heard Rockelbel's Canon:

I'm not crazy about the "wedding party doing the silly/cool dancing."  Once that was done once, it was over forever and nobody should ever do it again.  But the song itself is truly an awesome cover of an already awesome song, and that guy sure looks like he's having fun playing the cello, doesn't he?

Also: Everytime I see someone playing the cello, I am taken by an overwhelming urge to play the cello myself.  That pretty much happens with everything, though, and it usually passes.


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I am impressed that you can play music. You are multi-talented, even if you are a bully with your opinions.

Andrew Leon said...

Two of my best friends played the cello when I was in 5-6th grades, but I never wanted to play it, because they had to drag them around with the everywhere including the school bus, and that was just horrible. I never wanted to be carrying anything with me bigger than a book.

Rusty Webb said...

My step son plays a cello, and we had a solo cello player do all our music at my wedding. It's a beautiful instrument.

If I ever win the lottery or whatever, I'm going to learn it myself. Then I'll do covers of 80's rock songs.

I can't wait to play Photograph, by Def Leppard, on my Cello.