Thursday, July 26, 2012

The mall is not the first place I'd go for medical care. Third, maybe. But not first.

Did you see that you can now buy skin care medications from a vending machine in a mall?

Does that seem smart to you?  Because it doesn't to me.  Call me crazy...

...wait, don't, I don't like that...

...but I kind of figure that if you are dealing with a medical condition, you ought to be taking it more seriously than you would take trying to get that one mini-football helmet from the Jacksonville Jaguars only the machine never gives it to you and you've got, like 43 San Diego Chargers and why would they even put that many in there?  ARRRGHGHGH!

I digress.

If you have skin problems, you don't need a mall vending machine or late-night infomercial.  You need a real doctor who knows how to treat YOUR skin. And granted, I am not the best informed on this topic because while I have skin like old leather, I never do anything to take care of it other than not deliberately injuring it, so instead, I went to the Four Points Dermatology website for information on this post.

This site, which talks about the Austin Dermatology Services of Four Points Dermatology, gives a lot of helpful information not just about the doctor (who points out that they are able to care for skin types of all ethnicities, which is something that I imagine gets overlooked by a lot of doctors) but also about skin conditions and how to treat them, and about far more than just acne.

They say they're the site for the Best Austin Botox Treatment, for one thing -- and if you're interested in Botox, you've GOT to go to a decent place or you end up looking like Priscilla Presley or Meg Ryan and nobody wants THAT.  They've also got tips on how to tell if a mole is something to be concerned about, how diet affects your acne, and even a bit on how fat cells are useful. (My stomach salutes you, doctor!)


joeh said...

If you want a mini- Jaguare helmet you need to go to San Diego!

Andrew Leon said...

Skin is for wimps.

Stephen Hayes said...

Pretty soon you'll be able to drop a few coins into a machine and get a wife. Can you imagine it?