Friday, July 29, 2011

Imagine the Smurfs as brought to you by Stanley Kubrick... (Off The Top Of My Head)

... I might actually see that. Smurfs Wide Shut.

The Smurfs movie opens this week, and despite sharing Lisa Pepin's distaste for that movie, I can't help but wonder, as I sit here this morning, how many actual Smurfs I can remember off the top of my head. Here is

The Best (?) Actual Smurfs I Can Name Without Cheating...

1. Hefty
2. Brainy
3. Papa
4. Vanity
5. Smurfette
6. Gargamel
7. I want to say there was a dumb one...

And I'm done.

Note 1: Yes, it really did take me to five to get to Smurfette.

Note 2: Gargamel wasn't a Smurf. But was he the only human in that universe? And how did I miss him on my post about wizards?

Note 3: There was a Clumsy Smurf. And a Reporter Smurf, which seems to go against the grain for how Smurfs were named.

Note 4: There was a robot smurf. Seriously. And in some sort of sick inside joke, he's called "Clockwork Smurf." Because what goes better with smurfs than a little of the old ultraviolence?

But I'm not making that up. Here's the whole episode:

Note 5: I got all my background information on Smurfs from this site, which exists.


Rogue Mutt said...

I remember Greedy Smurf because you know, I'm greedy and Tracker Smurf because I had a figurine of him.

The Robot Chicken sketch of "Seven" as done with Smurfs is hilarious. Also the "Smurfatar" one they did. They also did I think two other ones: one where Hurricane Katrina wipes out the village and another where they fight the Snorks. I guess Seth Green is obsessed with Smurfs, yet he's probably not in the new movie...

Michael Offutt said...

Smurfs looks bad. Eyes Wide Shut was a great movie. Few people understood what Kubrik was trying to convey. Essentially the movie is about the importance of intimacy.