Thursday, July 07, 2011

Eye Candy Table Of Contents

What is Eye Candy? It's my latest attempt to come up with posts that dispense with all the jibberjabber and instead do what I've always wanted to do: draw readers to my blog.

I mean... that is... look, here's the thing. You don't always want to read lengthy pieces by me. And I don't always want to do the same thing. Which is why I've been adding new features here and on my other blogs. And also, smart guys like Michael Offutt have pointed out a few images of hot people, plus shorter posts, never hurt.

So I've decided to add yet another new feature here, to keep things fresh: Eye Candy will be posts composed of only, or almost only, pictures -- with the same Best themes you've come to expect.

And here are the Eye Candys so far:

The 5 Best Looking NFL Players, According To Other People.

The terrorists have probably already won, but at least our side is HOT.

Who cares what they look like on the red carpet?

It's best not to think of what happened to them while you look at the pictures.

I'm in love with a superhero...

I like my hot women with a side of uncomfortable questions.

The Best Actresses Who Have Played Sex-Crazed.

1 comment:

Michael Offutt said...

Sex sells. The advertising industry knows this and uses it all the time.

Look at old spice.