Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pizza Girl returns! (The Best World Records (You Wouldn't Think Would Be A World Record), 2)

I now have a goal for the day.

Remember how I said that setting a World Record requires just you thinking of something so weird to do that nobody else has ever done it, and then going and doing that thing? Turns out that was not the only way to set a World Record. You -- or I, because this is what I'm going to work on today -- can set a World Record simply by taking something we're going to do already, and just doing it faster or longer than anyone else has ever done it.

Which brings me to my goal, and today's World Record (You Wouldn't Think Would Be A World Record):

2. Fastest Time To Eat A 12" Pizza.

According to Guiness, the "Fastest Time To Eat A 12" Pizza" was set by Josh Anderson, of Wellington, New Zealand, all the way back in March, 2008. Josh Of Wellington took 1 minute 45.37 seconds -- note that they measured it down to the hundredth of a second -- to scarf down whatever it is that passes for a pizza in New Zealand (likely a pepperoni-covered sheep.)

1:45.37? That's an eternity. Here's Josh in action:

Did they have to use forks? Were those the rules? Why wouldn't you just roll that baby up and dig into it like a pizza burrito (or, "pizzarito" ("pizzarito" Copyright 2010 The Best Of Everything).)? That was the slowest I've ever seen anyone eat a pizza.

In fact, I know I can beat that. And I've got all day to do it. Plus, it's about time the record was broken. Josh From Wellington's record has stood for over two years -- which is way longer than the previous record stood: before Josh From Wellington gradually ate his way into the Book Of World Records, the prior fastest time for eating a 12" pizza was a glacial 2 minutes, 19.91 seconds, set by a guy in Belgium back in December, 2006.

And think about this: If you did set a World Record, and then somebody broke it, how would you cope? Would you go around claiming that you used to have a World Record? Isn't that kind of sad?

Other records:

1. Largest Sushi Mosaic.

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