Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Here's Some Science I Can Get Behind.

I've been awfully critical of "science" from time to time, so it's only fair to laud it when it does something great -- such as holding a concert to celebrate music and science together (as I've done so often here, at posts like this and this.)

I'm talking about the live "Powers Of Ten" Concert to celebrate the USA Science & Engineering Festival. The concert will be this Sunday, October 10, at the "Elsie and Marvin Dekelboum Concert Hall " at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland.

The program says that the concert will take you on a musical journey from "quark to cosmos," with 20 songs mixing pop, rap, classical, and jazz -- and all of it scientifically accurate.

I got invited with a VIP pass - -just goes to show you how listening to Modest Mouse songs can lead to big things -- but I can't attend, since it's a little long of a drive from Wisconsin to Maryland. The event is free, but requires tickets to get in, so get going now. Also, watch this blog for information on webcasts.

Click here for more information.

Also, here's a video that demonstrates the "Powers of 10" quark-to-cosmos journey:

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