Sunday, May 30, 2010

The 30 Best Things About Summer, 2:

It's a Minibest!

30 days, 30 Best Things About The Best Season...

Wearing a slightly-damp bathing suit to somewhere you wouldn't ordinarily wear a bathing suit.

You know why this is great? Because it says "I've just had some fun. I've just been swimming or running through the sprinkler or water-skiing and now I'm going to have some more fun... I'm having so much fun I don't have time to change."

Also, if you wear your bathing suit around for a while until it dries off, then you get that great feeling later on when you change out of it and into some actually-dry-never-wet clothes and relax and feel the little hint of sunburn you got that day having all that fun.

Other Best things about Summer:

1. Ice cream.

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