Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Unfollowed (A #Love Stories) (Infinite Monkeys)

Giraffe by Mr Bunches
X-ray drawing by me.

Unfollowed (A #Love Stories):

.@poethuntress Thanx for favoriting my tweet!
.@poethuntress: thought you might like this story: “14 women who changed… http://tiny. ”
#FF these Tweeps are GREAT: @johnnyonthespot @14milesofbadroad @whycantiusepunctuation @poethuntress
@poethuntress I shuld have put you 1st on that list sorry
@poethuntress thought your blog post today was great, couldn’t comment bc nt a member
@poethuntress sorry about the misspelling!
I have started to write #poetry on my blog, check it out: “Crocodile tears can’t…. http://tinier.”
New #poem, come comment on it: “What it’s like… http://tiniest.”
@poethuntress congrats on getting published, like the photo! #waytogo
#FF people who can really write @poethuntress @johncheeverreincarnated @poethuntress YES she deserves to be on there twice.
@poethuntress I can’t DM you? Twitter must be broken #stupidtwitter
New poem on my blog: “Dark dark dark http://attoparsec.”
Check out what I found: awesome poetry!
I’ve started a tumblr: “Found Poetry http://lightpicosecond.”
Awesome poem by @poethuntress on her Tumblr: “And then I traveled through time…
#FF Tell them I followed you and maybe  these people will unblock me #haha @poethuntress  “That is all”—Homer Simpson
@homersmainman @poethuntress No, I didn’t realize it was the Germans who said that, not Homer.
It’s been a while since I’ve been on Twitter. Do people still use this?
Here’s what I had for breakfast today: #pictureoftoast #hashtagyourphotoinsteadofpostingit

.@gamegeekgal Thanks for the RT! I’m going to go check out your blog.
The Infinite Monkeys project is almost over.  Another two months or so.  Until I reveal what it's all about, here's a link to more Infinite Monkeys stories.

AND HEY, why don't you write a Time Travel story for the IWM anthology and win money! Details here


Maurice Mitchell said...

LOL Who knew he had so many bones!

Andrew Leon said...

Maybe it's because my house is full of chaos at the moment, but this shooting right past me. I'll try to remember to come back and try again tomorrow.

Liz A. said...


Briane Pagel said...

Maurice: that Xray is 100% "accurate."

Andrew: I know how that is

Thanks, Liz!

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