Thursday, January 02, 2014

This woman is in her underwear, and high heels, and sitting on a dresser! That is unusual!


Speaking of people who won't always  be happy: Meet Bumpy, who was there the night his sister's fiance drowned, but he was too drunk to remember what happened. Now she blames him, and blames everyone, and so while his sister tries desperately to prove that the death wasn't an accident, Bumpy moves on to Las Vegas where he stumbles into happiness... if he can recognize it.

That's Up So Down, a dramatic, heart-wrenching look at a family falling apart.  You can buy it on Amazon for just $0.99 by clicking here! 


Andrew Leon said...

I'm not sure I believe in happiness, just the pursuit of it.

Briane P said...

You and Dostoevsky might be of one mind on that.

Blogger said...

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