Saturday, August 10, 2013

Master Of The (Art) Universe

Before today, I had never heard of Michael Godard, who has recently started a master series of paintings.

Godard is a pop artist -- that's his picture, "Caddy Shack" heading up this post -- and his work evokes both a humorous yet somewhat darker side of pop culture, giving his subjects a subtle twist that removes them from the simple, 'hipster-referencing' category of pop commentary.

I heard about Godard because he's one of the artists presenting Fine Art For Sale through Amour d'Art, an online art seller that has something to appeal to everyone, and who is showcasing Godard's master series, as I said. Take "Butterfly Wine,"

Which showcases both Godard's skill in representation -- that wine glass is photorealistic -- while also creating a scene reminiscent of "Building a Rainbow," for adults -- or perhaps "Despicable Me" for the Napa Valley crowd.

If you'd like to get your hands on some Godard Art, click any of the links and check out all of his works, on sale now.


Andrew Leon said...

Those are interesting.
But, if my wife saw you saying "Napa Valley crowd" there in reference to wine, she would smite you.

Briane P said...


Andrew Leon said...

Because it's the Sonoma area where the best wine comes from. Napa is where they do all the cheap stuff.

Briane P said...

Ah. I won t make THAT mistake again. I'm not worried about you, but I don't want a wife mad at me. They have powers.

Andrew Leon said...

They do have powers. Scary, arcane powers.