Friday, August 30, 2013

Art! 'Nuff said!

time again for another installment of 'Artists You'll Wish You Had Heard About Before But It's OK Because Now You've Heard About Them', the world's most popular series about artists you'll wish you had heard about, etc. etc.

Today, I was looking at the Fine Art For Sale at Paragon Fine Art, and I came across a bunch of different Vladimir Kush Prints.  Kush did that picture of Ulysses in rough seas -- oil on oval canvas- and has a bunch of neat, sort of surrealist prints like "Hibiscus Dancer," a dancer whose dress is a hibiscus flower, and other great pictures.  They're the kind of pictures I'd like to have in my office, good colorful, thought-provoking scenes that are artfully crafted.

Then there's Pino Artist, in a totally different vein.  Pino, who recently passed away, painted more in a realist/impressionist kind of combination -- the pictures looking almost photorealistic but with impressionist flourishes.

Here, take a look at one:

See what I mean?

That'd be a great one to hang in a living room, for example -- and art always makes fine gifts, if you're looking to give your favorite blogger something.

Wait, I am your favorite blogger, right? What? Top 10? TOP 1000? I am? Seriously? Top 1000? WOO HOO!


Pat Dilloway said...

A scantily clad chick showing a lot of cleavage would definitely be classy enough for my living room.

Andrew Leon said...

Your wife's going to let you put that in your living room? That seems more like a spare bedroom/walk in closet kind of thing.