Sunday, May 12, 2013

RCO Sales does not have pretzels. Just cars. AGAIN: No pretzels. I've been asked to make that clear.

Hey, there, you, eating the pretzel! That's a mighty fine pretzel.  Caught my eye.  Still, I can't help feeling it would look better surrounded by a fancy car.  Like, say, a Cadillac?

What? You say you can't afford a Cadillac? I don't believe it.  Don't you know about RCO Auto Sales, the number one used cars Staten Island spot?

I can see that you don't.  So I'll tell you what: Take your pretzel on over to RCO's website and check out all the used cars for sale in NY that you could be driving TODAY.

Yes, with the pretzel.  It's your car, after all -- drive it how you like it.  RCO Sales has great pre-owned cars all the way up to luxury Cadillacs, and they're affordable and high quality, so even regular pretzel-eating folks can get one.

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