Saturday, October 27, 2012

And now I'm getting me that Taco Rack.

 I mentioned on my other blog the other day a new site I found, DealDash, and it is definitely a site worth bringing up again.

You know all those Penny Auction sites that you have to go bid like a million times on to try to get an iPad for $1.53 and you never do and then there's some guy on TV saying he did that and you throw your wife's curling iron at the TV 'cause that guy's a liar and then your wife is all "Why are you throwing things at the TV, I thought we talked about this back when you tried to teach the cat how to make ice cream?" and you try to explain that that was science and the cat volunteered but she never listens...

Anyway: DealDash isn't like those penny auction sites, not really.  Deal Dash is a site where you can bid on stuff and get great things like a taco serving rack -- honestly, I can not get that out of my mind, it's become my Everest-- or Playstation 3s, or towel sets or space heaters -- for way less than retail.

And it's like a game, really -- only even safer than a game.  To "play" Deal Dash, you just buy bids (registration is free!), and there's always sales and specials on them so you can get them super cheap.  Then you find something you want on auction and you bid on it, and you win.

Hopefully.  But here's the thing: if you don't win, you don't necessarily lose your bids.  First-timers get all their bids back, and if you bid on something and don't get it you can go buy the thing on their site and get your bids back, too, so you get your stuff and your bids.

And, Deal Dash offers a 100% money-back-no-questions-asked-not-even-a-question-like-"How'd you get your hair to look so marvelous?"-even-though-you-might-want-them-to-ask-that-question policy, so if you're not happy with your taco rack/something else, you get your money back.

So, in closing:

1. I am big on this site,
2. The cat wasn't half-bad at making ice cream, and
3.  You should go check out Deal Dash.

1 comment:

Andrew Leon said...

I don't understand so much of this.

What is the purpose of a taco rack?

What does it mean to get your bids back? That doesn't make any sense to me at all. Being someone that used to use eBay a lot, this is a concept that doesn't sink in.