Monday, June 04, 2012

It's okay to say all this stuff about Lucy Lawless. Sweetie never reads this blog.

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Does Lucy Lawless still live in Los Angeles?

That's not just a moderately-difficult tongue-twister, it's a question I ask PURELY OUT OF INTELLECTUAL CURIOUSITY, Sweetie, my musings, which again are PURELY INTELLECTUAL and have very little to do with Lucy Lawless wearing a leather miniskirt, being brought on by this video:

Kia Rio, which apparently was unaware of my PURELY INTELLECTUAL desire to track down and meet Lucy Lawless and maybe discuss some key scenes from "Xena: Warrior Princess" or "Spartacus" with her, sent two sets of best friends on what they call a "Zip and Dash."  Armed with new Kia Rios that have Bluetooth features, navigation systems, USB jacks, rear camera displays and such, these pairs were sent on a "geocache" through Los Angeles, looking for Christina Milian.

Wait, who?

I only vaguely know who that is.  She was in "Head of the Class," right? Whatever happened to Arvid?

Seriously, what did?

Back to Lucy Lawless. I mean, back to the "Zip and Dash."  These lucky pairs got to cruise around LA in cool new cars, seeking Christina whatshername and looking at historic sites like the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round (which has been there since 1937, and used to amuse Walt's kids before Disneyland got built) and Rodeo Drive, home to great shopping that I can't afford but would mention to Sweetie while I went to find Lucy, and other sites, like "Pink's Hot Dogs," where they serve hot dogs named after celebrities.  (I'll have a "Ryan Gosling." It's served COOL, with the relish on the side.)

(I don't know what that last part is supposed to mean.)

And they got to do all that while driving what looks to be one of the best new high-tech cool cars: UVO Technology and more (you can find out that MORE on the Rio Explorer Page)
So this "Zip and Dash" is something I'd very much like to try, and on the offchance that Lucy is NOT in LA, then, Kia, I will give it a shot in Australia. Or New York. Or Europe.  Or wherever Lucy ... what's this?  What does that say at the top of that paper... "temporary restraining WHAT?"

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