Monday, January 16, 2012

Now, I want some of ALL of these candies. (Off The Top Of My Head)

The other day, reader Anna Carrera and I mixed it up a bit on Twitter because she said that she loved Raisinets; as a firm backer of Boston Baked Beans, I took offense to the notion that something could best my beloved candy. Then, today, because I am theoretically working from home, I got to thinking, and what I thought, in order was:

I would like some Boston Baked Beans.

Come to think of it, I would like some French Burnt Peanuts.

Now that I ponder it, I'm kind of weird.
With that, I started trying to think of all the kind-of-obscure candies I'd ever liked and decided that I'd do a list of them, because you deserve to be constantly updated on whatever it is that crosses my mind. So here is the

Off The Top Of My Head List Of Kind Of Weird, Obscure Candies I Love:

Boston Baked Beans.
French Burnt Peanuts
Pop Rocks
Pixy Sticks
Chocolate Key Limes
Those little brown peanut-butter candies that come wrapped in wax paper at Halloween.
Charleston Chews
Zero Bars
Hot Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly Jellybeans
Nibs, but only the black licorice kind
Circus Peanuts
Bit O'Honey

And there was a thing that was like caramel and nougat spiraled together on a stick and it was a square and I can't think of what it was called and it's killing me to not know, and I went so far as to ask Sweetie but she doesn't know and Google was no help, and yeah, I know I'm not supposed to Google things for these lists but what're you going to do, call the Internet cops?

Also, I just found them. They were
Slap Stix. Turns out they have banana in them.

I asked Sweetie if she wanted to do a list, but she just got a weird look in her face, one that seemed to say something like "What in God's name am I married to?" only I'm sure that's not what it was really saying.


Andrew Leon said...

I'm failing to understand the obscure part. I've heard of at least one of these before.
Actually, I've heard of all but a couple.
Not that that makes me like them. Except for those little peanut butter candies. I love those.
What, exactly, are French Burnt Peanuts?

Grumpy Bulldog, Secret Agent said...

My sisters used to take ballet in town and right next door was a candy shop, so a lot of times after they were done we'd get some candy. They had bins of the Boston Baked Beans and stuff. Though I prefer anything with chocolate and peanuts/peanut butter.

Stephen Hayes said...

It's interesting just how different people are. I've spent my life eating far too much candy, but nothing on your list would make mine. There's nothing on your list that, as a kid, I wouldn't have traded away if I found it in my bag on Halloween. But I'm willing to overlook this; I still believe you are a good and worthwhile person.