Monday, October 31, 2011

Indie Book Review: Table of Contents/Explanation

All the books/ authors I've reviewed:

The House On The Corner, by Andrew Leon

Eminent Domain, by Erin O'Riordan and Tit Elingtin

Blood Calling, by Joshua Grover-David Patterson

Lyon's Legacy, by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

A Dead God's Wrath, by Rusty Webb

"A Hero's Journey," by PT Dilloway.

Indie Book Review
is a feature I hope will (a) become a more regular feature here and (b) not lead to lawsuits when author Michael Offutt realizes I stole the idea from him, more or less. Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery, as Stephen Ambrose would say, provided someone else said it first.

Anyway, as an Indie book writer (or "author") myself, I have long complained that nobody supported me in my Indie book writing, and then one day I thought "Hey, I should do that." No, not complain about not getting support, but instead, go out and support people who write indie books.

And so this is that: I am going to read Indie books and I am going to review them and more than that, I'm going to help those Indie book writers promote themselves, here on the WILDLY POPULAR (if I keep saying it, it's bound to come true, right, Oprah?) blog, The Best Of Everything by quizzing them about their book along with reviewing it. And because I'm me and you're not...

... are you?

... I'm going to make that quiz one I like -- 10 1/2 questions, including one impossible problem and one question that, as the name implies, is not even properly a question.

You'll see what it all means by reading the reviews/quizzes. Here's a list of all the authors whose works I've reviewed.


Michael Offutt said...

LOL. You're too funny, Mr. Pagel.

Honestly the reason I started reviewing indie books was because I read a lot and decided that there was no reason really to stick with Big Six. George R.R. Martin convinced me of this more than anyone because I gave one of his books three stars and was pissed off by how piss poor it was. I thought...there's no guarantee of quality just because of the size of the publisher.

So I started reading indie books. Once I finished, I then felt like I needed to validate my experience by writing a "show the world" that I read a book. So basically, it arose out of vanity. However, one thing that I noticed rather quickly is all the free books I've been getting.

I have received 24 books from people now. 24...that's half a year's worth of reading... and they've all been free. The reason? I think there aren't enough people out there reading books. Everyone is writing, no one is reading. It's really a strange thing.

So kudos to you that you're picking up books written by our bloggy pals out there and cracking some spines. May your email box be littered with free coupons to download ebooks in the same way mine has been.

All of this does lead to some awkwardness though. One of our bloggy pals has a book and it isn't good and I've avoided talking to them about it and reviewing it because I don't want to make them mad. /sigh

Rusty Webb said...

Michael is right about so many people not reading. I listened to a podcast recently where the host, a SF writer, admitted that he rarely reads, he thinks TV helps him grow in his craft. Wow. I lost a ton of respect for the guy right on the spot. I don't understand how a person can be a writer and not a reader. Weird

Anyway, I enjoy Michael's reviews and author interviews a great deal - I hope you keep doing these too. I was thinking of doing an occasional interview type thing on my blog as well - it could be the genesis of a real Internet meme.

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