Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The 15 Best Summer Movies, 1

It's a Minibest!

I'm suspending the currently-running MiniBest ("The 8 Best Video Games") because, simply, I like this topic much more, given that it is summer now, and summer is my favorite season, by far.

And don't bother telling me "summer doesn't start until June 21," because you're wrong. "Summer" starts on Memorial Day; it ends on August 31. That's science, and you can't argue with science, because if you argue with science, then science will make up something like "dark matter" and claim that answers your question, so, to put it another way, "Summer starts on Memorial Day because of Dark Matter"*

*and also possibly because of velociraptors, which are also fake.

So to celebrate this summer, I'm starting a new Minibest, which I've titled The 15 Best Summer Movies, but which is something of a misnomer because these aren't necessarily movies that were released in the summer, but instead, movies that have summer feature into them in some way.

And number one on the list is that classic, Weekend At Bernie's:

Like it or hate it, you have to face facts: you like it. That's the only possible reason this movie has survived in pop culture for 22 years, even being mentioned on Seinfeld, which is the pinnacle of achievement for any person, place or thing. (Nouns love getting mentioned on things.)

It also spawned a dance craze:

In case you doubt the enduring appeal of the idea of spending a beach weekend with a corpse, try first to remember what other movies were released in 1989. Can you remember any of them?

I had to look them up -- 1989 was a banner year for movies, with the release of Batman and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade and When Harry Met Sally... and among those titans of film (with others) stands...

... a dead man waving hello.

FUN FACT ABOUT THIS MOVIE: John McCain has used it twice as a joke reference to wanting to keep Alan Greenspan around.

FUN FACT ABOUT THAT FUN FACT: That's the only time the words "John McCain," "Alan Greenspan" and fun appeared in the same sentence.

See last year's summer MiniBest, "The 30... Make That 23... Best Things About Summer" here.

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Rogue Mutt said...

The first one was pretty good for a dumb comedy. The second one was pretty unnecessary. I mean wouldn't the body have really, really started to smell by then? Not to mention the rigor mortis would lock him pretty stiff. But maybe dark matter took care of that.

The word verification of pringl is making me want some Pringles now. Damn it.