Thursday, February 06, 2014

2 Frogs (Infinite Monkeys)

2 Frogs
            That’s so jeely.

             So what? Said the first frog.
So jeely, said the second frog.  It’s a word I’m trying to invent.
What does a frog want to invent a word for? Asked the first frog.
I will tell you why I want to invent it once I know what it means, said the second frog.  I can’t tell you why I want to invent it until I know what it does.

            Whuh stuttered the first frog.
I mean if it is a great word that really catches on and lots of people use it then I want to invent it so that I can get rich off royalties…
That’s not how words…
...the second frog continued: but suppose it’s an evil word? Then I must want to invent it because I am up to no good.  I’m a bad frog. Maybe an evil frog, maybe.
Then again maybe I have just realized that there is a thing or action or emotion in this world that exists but has never been accurately described, and jeely is the word that will let people know what it is they have been looking at, the second frog said.
Or doing or feeling, the second frog added, after a pause. And then that would mean that I want to invent a word to help people better understand their world.
They sat in silence for a moment. A dragonfly flew by.
Well? Asked the first frog.  Which is it?
The second frog told him: How should I know?


Andrew Leon said...

I know what jeely means...

Briane P said...

So maybe YOU invented it?

Are you calling the second frog a plagiarist?

Andrew Leon said...

Can you plagiarize a single word?

Rusty Carl said...

Watch out. Andrew may sue for all those royalties from folks using jeely all the time. Maybe if one of the 'e's were silent or something the frog could get away with it.

Seriously, that was an amazing story. It really had the feel of one of those old stories I read as a child. What was the one about the two toads? I forget now, I just have this vague memory.

Regardless, good stuff.