Sunday, December 29, 2013

If Kim Kardashian gets a mohawk, I totally get credit for this.

I saw an article this morning that talked about how celebrities have to do all this crazy stuff to their hair to get noticed and keep looking hip and trendy: they dye it blonde or cut it short or spike it or some other dramatic (and probably damaging to hair) and long-lasting thing.

When what they could be doing is going to the site and finding dramatic and interesting new looks without having to go to all that work.

I saw the featherheads site a while back and pointed it out to our own girls, who (I noticed this as an observant father) have hair.  The site offers various feather-based hair extensions and hair chalk: They can be woven into hair or used as accents and colorings that don't last for a million years or wreck your hair but still can look amazing.  If you are a girl, or know one, I'd check them out.  And if you're one of the stylists employed by those celebrities, I'd do that soon before you have to give Kim Kardashian a mohawk or something.

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