Monday, September 19, 2011

Who cares what they look like on the red carpet? (Eye Candy)

Here's what this year's Emmy winners look like when they're really trying to impress you:

Kate Winslet: (Mildred Pierce, a/k/a, "Olden Times Are Sexy!")

Ty Burrell, ("Modern Family," a/k/a "The Model For Every Show You'll See On TV Next Year.")

Kyle Chandler: ("Friday Night Lights" a/k/a "It's not on any more, and you didn't watch it when it was, so quit pretending..."):

Julie Bowen, ("Modern Family." a/k/a "You Already Know This One, I Said It Up Above.")

Julianna Margulies, ("The Good Wife" a/k/a "If We Make It Kind Of About Eliot Spitzer, They Won't Notice It's Just The Practice Crossed With Ally McBeal.")

Barry Pepper, ("The Kennedys," a/k/a "What 'The Clintons' Miniseries Will Be Modeled After In 2032.")

Jim Parsons: ("The Big Bang Theory". I'm not going to make fun of it because I watch this show):

Peter Dinklage, ("Game Of Thrones," a/k/a "The Gritty Reboot of Lord Of The Rings")

Maggie Smith, ("Downtown Abbey." [I don't know this one. She's Harry Potter's professor... back in the day.)

Guy Pearce, ("Mildred Pearce," a/k/a, "Did you know people didn't bathe regularly back then? Put's a different spin on those sex scenes, doesn't it?")

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Stephen Hayes said...

I found the show pretty boring until Sofia Vergara made me stand up and take notice. What a beautiful woman! I understand she is really a blond. My wife had wanted me to watch the show with her, but my reaction to Sofia prompted her to chase me away from the TV.