Monday, September 13, 2010

An Update On The Best Part Of Breakfast Cereal

It's just a tad over two years since I challenged America to develop the technology that would let me have a bowl of nothing but cereal marshmallows, and America, God Bless You, answered that clarion call.

First, there was the genius who set up, a then-33-year-old woman from Montana who began selling cereal marshmallows in bulk (and has a "Frequent Buyers Club" that resulted in Sweetie taking away my credit cards.)

Now, though, comes The Man Who Would Be Marshmallow King, a guy the name of Nathan Wratislaw (which I think is a palindrome). Nathan has a personal website, the use of which he says is

to list a bunch of Personal stuff & to Show Family and Friends Websites that I own/manage.

As opposed to my site, which is used to brag about my kids or talk about glockenspiels.

Nathan's sites include something called CareKleen, which has something to do with diet pills. I couldn't tell what because I, like the rest of our internet-addled society can't read a block of text anymore. Put it in cartoon form, Nathan!

But what drew my interest was the posting on Gamma Squad that alerted me that Nathan Wratislaw was now running -- and that he'd posted a series of videos showing what happens when you combine non-marshmallowed cereals with marshmallows.

The videos are important, because absent that proof, there's no way I could ever wrap my head around a concept like Cereal Marshmallows in Lucky Charms without seeing it in front of my eyes.

Double marshmallows? Crazy.

So we can't win a war in Afghanistan, or provide decent health care to anyone not literally made out of hundred-dollar-bills, but we are the World Leaders in marshmallowization. Which seems fitting.

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