Monday, March 22, 2010

The Third Best Alli Millstein Song

Remember how I declared November, and then December, 2009, the Alli Millstein Months to feature her EP, "Human Nature?"

And then remember how I lost track of that and didn't finish?

Well, I'm finally getting back to that, and song three of the Month of Alli Millstein is "Skeletons," which has a different sound than her other two songs. I asked Alli about it, as follows:

Q: Next song, how about "Skeletons?" Whatever you feel like telling about it, plus, why you chose a moog, and what "Tape Manipulation" means and how it's achieved.

So my producer had a lot to do with guiding the sound of this tune. I knew I wanted something saturated, distorted, dreamy, and he kind of made it come true. Moogs are great synthesizers, a classic, and I told my producer I wanted layered synthesized sounds, so I think the moog is a product of using a great synth.

Tape manipulation (as far as I know) is just a product of using distorted tape sounds, sort of like taking an analog tape and just distorting it. (You might not want to put this in the article as I'm not sure haha). Bob Mallory (my friend and producer) was responsible for that call and whatever it is, I love how it sounds.

Skeletons is sort of funny because it's lyrics are a combination of some of my experience in college, and a situation my mother and father went through. The descriptive beginning "a broken heater, an old wooden chair," my friend and room mate always smiles when I sing that part live, because she knows it references the wooden chair and broken (often loud) heater in my Sophomore year dorm room. I listened to a lot of the Arcade Fire when I wrote that song, and I was trying to achieve a bit of that saturated sound. Originally, the song was more uptempo, but my producer suggested I slow it down, and I agreed.

And, here's the song:

Song one: "Our Love Is Underground."

Song two: "Mend My Heart."

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