Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Best Band of Twenty-Ten, Song Two.

Ravenna Woods is made up of three members, as near as I can tell. They are: Chris Cunningham, who's duties include: guitar, piano, bass, violin, mandolin, xylophone, paranoid words, intrusive gestures, Brantley Duke, who takes care of "singing, xylophone, percussion, looking good." Then there's third member Matt Badger, listed on the band's site as "Lt. Commander of percussion."

So they're kind of a military outfit, I'm assuming. Not that it matters that much. I've already named them, as the title implies, The Best Band of Twenty-Ten, and today's song, "An Atoll," shows why they've earned that sobriquet:

Speaking of sobriquets, the other day, I got into an argument with The Boy about using "big words." The big words The Boy objected to my using was retrospect, when I said in retrospect, I'd have done that.

The Boy didn't know what retrospect meant, which alarmed me, since he's a high school senior attending a school that previously was very good but which in the last few years appears to abandoned all pretense of educating kids, opting instead to televise Brett Favre's retirement speech and to make up snow days by adding one minute to every period.

When I explained what it meant (and said a quick prayer for the future of our country), explaining that it meant in looking back, or viewed in hindsight, The Boy said "Why don't you just say that, then?"

I tried to explain that I didn't see the need to use many words when there was one that fit the bill perfectly. I don't think he got it.

That all means something, I'm sure. I don't know how it relates to Ravenna Woods or An Atoll, but, then, if I spent my time worrying about how the things I say related to the things I mean, I'd never get anything done.

Read & listen to Song One From The Best Band Of 2010 here.

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